The story of mister S.K.Uralov about itself.

I(S.K.Uralov) and V.M.Ivanchuk(Chess-master
from Ukraine)-click here

Briefly about me:

-From my third student year I had begun to work at Nikolai Ivanovich Kabanov's chair and after graduating the Radio Engineering faculty I continued working there, among his students and colleagues.
-Nikolai Ivanovich Kabanov is the author of a discovery that has become a basic for development of systems of superdistant radar-tracking detection, which are successfully applied in the newest anti-missile defense systems and underwater objects' movement detection.
-We also developed diverse noiseproof, confidential communications channels. Unfortunately, the level of technical progress at that time often was the obstacle to embodiment of many of our ideas.

However, in respect of nowadays hardware reduction along with
increase of tasks being performed, realization of them has become possible.
And because of appearance of systems such as "Echelon",
the confidential communications channels become a problem of great concern.
A Russian proverb
says: "New things are well forgotten old ones". How exact is the expression!
During my further activities I was to solve the following engineering tasks:
- Design of exact time and frequency etalons and synchronization of secondary working etalons on the remote objects;
- Development, start-up and debugging of robotics and automatics directly in workshops;
- Design of hydroacoustic systems(HS) of detection of submarine of "Los Angeles" type.
As a leading expert I did the complex system analysis of optimization of algorithms and HS-equipment.

The above-mentioned experience can be useful in design of confidential communications channels.
“The Generator of Ideas” – that was the nick I have received from my colleagues. To my great regret, my knowledge and ideas stay dead in the course of the last years, because of the general disorder in Ukraine

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