Mrs.Elena Vjachteslavovna Uralova (Dovzhuk),
The Carved Wood Miniature.
---Russian (KOI 8R)

Elena and chess "Pushkin Bail"

The Tragedy of the Twentieth Century-World War II;
200-th anniversary of A.S.Pushkin's birth;
850 th anniversary of Moscow's foundation ;
300th anniversary of Russian Navy;
400th anniversary of Boghdan Khmelnytsky;
The Forest Fairy-Tales...
The Wooden Carved Caskets.
Super- miniature.
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Elen was born in Barnaul (Altaysky kray). By her profession she is a tonnel and bridge constructing engineer. She was a post-
graduate student and was involved into scientific research on materials' resistance. Over twenty years ago Elen began spending her free time carving wood. She improved her skills and very soon she had begun making very skillfull and artistic works. The special uniquenels belongs to wooden miniature (0,6-1.2 inches figurines). According to experts' opinion, such works are exeremely rare, because of the small size of the works and a great variety of difficulties during the creative process (particularly work with the wood of low and medium density).
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The less is the size of a figure you work on, the more you feel how wood loses its homogeneity on directions, what happens because of the wood's natural structure. An artist, who produces wooden miniatures must have the creative inagination like that of a sculptor and feel the material strongly ( the majority of artistists leave wood for stone or ivory, as soon as they face a need to produce a work of a size of 1,2 inch and smaller). Elena Uralova has developed her own manner and technology of embodying her creative ideas in wood. And it is not just a style,trend or even an artistic school . Elen's works differ from the others owing to the great imagination t hey're made with, and the most precisely done appearance.

Translated by ALEX.
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