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GIFTS:CHESS:Anniversarial, Historical,Fairy-Tale.

On opening ceremony of
the “Leonid Stein Memorial Supertournament”, Lviv – 2000. Still photo.

Elena Uralova

The cultural method of the so-called
"chess-breeding" which
is suitable for underage children.

"It's wonderfully made. The very idea to unite chess with the art of carving wood greatly appeals to me. I wish you great success." V.M. Ivanchuk.May 22, 2000.

Do you want to develop the artistic taste of your children and enhance thei IQ?
If you do then let us advise you to see our page.

The present compositions reflect the author's attempts to reach the artistic unity of the chess-board and the pieces exposed on them (see pictures).

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After the wooden board that was produced with no use of any up-to-date technologies. Namely this kind of chess-field is in harmony with the carved edges of the board and the chess- pieces. We aim to create the final impression of old restorated work. Sometimes our visitors, especially children, ask: "Is it an antique chess-set?"

The author's decision brings uniqueness of harmony of the chess-board and the pieces exposed on.Being created this way, any of the sets is able add the unique and exotic atmosphere to an children's room or a living-room. One may have a traditional chess- set for everydays drilling-routine, but these chess-sets are to play final family tours.

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Such a set may be the way to introduce the ancient game to your children. This gives your child an opportunity to become fond of the game and develop his or her intelligence.
So, we are sure that the interest of your kids will stimulate  and encourage them to learn playing this ancient game, thus, giving a brilliant opportunity to enhance their intellectual amenities.

The author aims to reflect the fairy, anniversarial and historical motives through her works.
So, we are sure that the interest of your kids will stimulate and encourage them to learn a history and art.

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Besides, the works in wood made by the hands of a woman, fall into a category of collectional works.
If the chess-field is done by means of modern technologies ( right squares and immaculate, polished surface) then edges must be done in the same manner. The describe technology provides fast and abundant production but makes the works lose their uniqueness and "antiqueness". Besides the chess-pieces, in that case, must be accomplished in new style.

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