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The Chess-composition, Dedicated to the 300th Anniversary of Russian Navy's Foundation.

The Tragic Heroic Page
of Russian Navy's

Author Mrs.HELEN

The Whites.
The Whites: Defenders of Syevastopol.
The Russian Naval Admiral. The image is concepted by the images of the Russian Admirals: V.Kornilov and P.Nakhimov.
Queen: This is a collective image of "The Sisters of Mercy" (military nurses). A lot of Russian Women, either noble and mere, became the nurse-volunteers for hospitals, saving many lives.
Officers: Russian Naval Officers who left their ships for defending the city along with mere marines.
The Knights: Horses, used for defending the fortress.
Rooks: These are the images of Russian battleships which were sunk in the Bay of Syevastopol, in order to make it impassable for hostile manowars.
Pawns: Russian marines
The middle 19th century. Russia was involved into a war for its Southern frontiers against Turkey. The Turks were being supported by Britain and France.
The corruption and unfaithfulness rooted in the bosom of the Russian authorities. The price for that reason had to pay Russian patriots and mere people. Only because of their heroism and patriotism, Russia could stand against the enemy. The most significant contribution was made by the defenders of Syevastopol and the Black Sea Navy's marines.

"...The ancient bloody- minded enemies
Have come again, united for the battle
And half 'the world's encompassed with
the flames
Of war. And scarlett light of burning fires
Is laid upon the deeds of peaceful
          N. Nyekrasov.14, June 1854

The Blacks.

 King: The 31st Turkish Sultan Abdhul-Mejid
(1823-1861).After the war with Russia Turkey entered the,
so-called, "European Concert" (union) and the Sultan had
accepted the emperor's title.
Queen:   An English Lady. This image
symbolyzes the fact that Britain used to be the primordial
and Ultimate ally and councellor of Turkey in its campaign
against Russia.
Officers: British and French Naval Officers.
Knights: Horses,being brought by
adversaries on the ships and used in landbattles.

Rooks: British 
sail- and steam-propelled
manowars, which were more
maneuverable than Russian
Pawns: Turkish
soldiers and marines, who
represented the majority
among the enemies sieged

The Board:The board: there is a sail-steamer on the one side of it. On the other side there is the defending bulwark of Syevastopol. On the front side there is a three- mast ship carrying St. Andrew flag. All these are surrounded with carved leaves that are symbolising the land - the only dream and the final destination of a sailor.

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