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Knights and Bohatyrs.

Author Mrs.HELEN

The Whites.

The Blacks.

In the Western Europe there was
Knight's age. Knight's tournaments took
places at Royaland castles of noble feudals

. At the same time in the Eastern Europe Princes
created regular armed troops-called "Druzhina".
People called their defenders"Bohatyrs". There
was no case in the history when the bohatyrs
took part in the Western European tournaments.
But the tournaments may take place on the
chess-board. The head of the knight's army
is the king. The bohatyr's army is "waged"
by the prince. All the deeds are being com-
mitted in the name of the Queen and the princess.
This chess-composition was born on the day
of our city that is the vitual center of Europe.
All the pieces are placed on a magnificient
board, decorated with carved leaves and
pictures of the dangerous, severe but roman-
tic medieval time.
The author's variations on the topic
are available.

Translated byALEX.

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