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The Whites.

The Blacks.

The Most Popular Theme; Struggle of Good and Evil. Black and white pieces struggle in the world of fairy-tales.You can see merry gnomes and demons, the Stupid King and Cinderella`s Goop Fairy, a Witch with a broom in her hands, etc. White unicorns cross the imaginary fields and black dragons hover in the blue sky.And trees are the dwellings of elves and gnomes. This parcticular rerformance can be done by means of the chess-sets: “Fairy-Chess " and “Forest Fairy Tale".
The author enjoys creation of brisk, merry heroes , so even the most wicked of them look at the least good - humoured. And, finally, all the pieces are placed on the beautiful, carved board which is adorned with leaves and scenes of different tales.

Translated by ALEX.

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