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We should notice that the first presentation of the set took place in Oleska Castle (near Lviv),at the celebration of Anniversary B. Khmelnitskiy (1995 ).

THE 400th Anniversary
of Bogdan Khmelnytsky`s Birth.

Author Mrs.HELEN

The Whites.

Boghdan Khmelnytsky-
the famous Ukrainian Regent (hetman) who led the Liberation War in Ukraine.

The Blacks.

King-Bogdan Khmelnytsky-
Ukranian Hetman ,
holding the scepter.
Queen :"Hetmans"
wifea friend and
adviser.The symbol
of Ukraine. Officers:"Hatamans"
(socalled officers
in kossack -army). Knights:Steppeland
Rooks: are executed
in the manneer
of the wooden towers which were
erected along with
the rest
of fortifica tional constructions around Ukrainian
settlements. Pawns:ukrainian kossacks.

In 17th century Ukrainian nation was oppressed by Polish invaders. The Liberation War (1648-1652) was headed by Zinoviy-Bogdan Khmelnytsky(1595-1657).

Under his leadership the Ukranian Liberation Army had gained many vicroryes.These are: victory in the battle near Zhovti Vody,near Pilyavcy, battle near Zbarazh, near Zborov, Batogh.
But, as well, Khmelnytsky has   known the bitter taste of defeat in 1651.

The "Old Hop" (his nickname) was the initiator of Pereyaslavska Rada (the `council` in Pereyaslav in 1654, where the agreement about the peace and union between Ukraine and Russia has been signed).
We should note that the "clothes" of the chess-pieces are the most exact copies and were created according to the illustrations in historical literature on the topic.
While creating the composition , we were taking into attention special qualities of the material(wood) , trying to take as much advantages out of them, as possible Enjoy the living hisory embodied in , wood.

King:Polish King
looking towards East. Queen: Polish Queen. Symbolises Poland.
Officers: Polish noblemen, mem-
bers of polish
Seim (sort of a  parliament).
Knights: knight’s heavy horses.
Rooks: Round
stone towers with were parts of fortifications around castles of Polish
kings and princes. Pawns: professinal polish warriors
(poor noblemen), holding their hands
on handles of the
sabres and ready
for conquesting Ukraine.

The Board:its sides have carved lions which symbolize that the composition is accomplished in Lviv (a lion is the symbol of the city). Front side performs carved castle situated on the hill. All these are surrounded with carved leaves.

Translated by ALEX.

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