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Spiritual Upbringing. Children and Youth!
The wooden composition dedicated to the life of Jesus Christ has been created. The composition was demonstrated to the Archbishop of Lviv and Halicia Augustin and the other clericals. They supported the initiative idea of demonstration of the composition at schools, orphanages, hospitals, etc.

At the present moment we have begun presentations of the work to the pupils of the 2-8 forms. During presentations we used special stand owing to which certain scene of Jesus' life was being turned to the watchers automatically. Besides the technical support allowed us to accompany our presentation with music and texts from the New Testament, read by the author of the work. The result was an excellent combination of the God's Word, spiritual music, artistic wood carving and the warmth of the author's soul. The presentation was accepted by children with great interest.
PS:It is obvious that being born in the family of carpenter, from the very moment of His birth felt the scent of wood-shavings and wood-sawdust. He was the witness to Joseph created beauty of wood.There fore, we think that our work is the closest to Jesus as a carpenter. The effect was greater than it was considered before.Thus, one can make an additional contribution to the spiritual upbringing of children. We are waiting for Your propositions and replies.

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Translated by ALEX.

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