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The Tragedy of the Twentieth Century-World War II:partI-Dictators and Tyrants;
partII-Great Domestic.

"Dictators and Tyrants"
The anniversarial chess-

Mrs.Elena Vyacheslavovna

The Board.

The Board consists of two halves.The siding of the halves is decorated with carved bas-relief pictures.

Onthe first half of the boarddepicted are:
Hitler and Mussolini, standing on a tribune in front of moving columns of adepts. Hitler stands with his arms on his breast and Mussolini - with his hand risen.
-Tanks, with Nazi crosses break borders of ---European states. Thus the WW II has begun.
- A prisoner of Concentration Camp, looking through wire. He is in striped robe with a number on his breast.
- Barracks of Stalin's Reformatory Camps surrounded with high wooden fence
- Barracks and furnace of crematorium beyond the brick wall.
- A prisoner of Stalin's camps in winter garment.
- Sea battle.
- The Nuclear "fungus" above Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Another side of the board.
As a basis for the images were taken monuments, sculpture groups and memorials which were erected by grateful descents in memory of the perished and eliminated in the War.
- A soldier with a saved little girl in his hands.
- A white dove sitting upon a bomb against the background of the rising sun.
- Khatyn Bell that reminds of the Tragedy..
- Fragments of Khatyn Memorial.
- Weeping mother bent over a soldier
- The Unknown Soldier's Grave (the Eternal Fire).
- Prisoner tearing wire.
- The sun, helmet pierced with a sprout and a dove with spread wings.

When the board is closed, the first half is situated beneath. On it there are several pictures separated from each other with a border carved in the manner of wire. This wire extends to the second half but there it turns into limb of a tree that symbolizes revival and continuation of life upon the generously blooded Earth.
The hooks which lock the halves together are executed in a shape of two A-bombs. two A-bombs.


The Whites.

. Stalin. He is standing on skulls -it was namely his policy that the Command Stuff of the Red Army was almost completely eliminated in the period of 1937-1941. That was one of the most serious reasons of huge number of human losses in USSR in the first period of the War.
Death with a scythe.
1st Officer-
W.Churchill with his walking cane and cigar.
2nd Officer
F.Roosevelt sitting in the arm-chair.
Bombers throwing bombs upon cities of Germany, Italy, Japan and their allies.
They are executed in a manner of Camps, surrounded with wooden fence with watch tower in the center. The rooks symbolize the country whose people took the first and the most powerful hit of Fascism. But the people were oppressed.
The pawns:
The pawns embody the heavy losses of the peoples of the world.They are made as graves with crosses - six crosses are as made of birch there are Soviet helmets on them. There are also two graves with stone crosses over and helmets of American and French soldiers.


Adolph Hitler with his hands crossed. As the main "author" of plans of the War that took millions of lives, Hitler is depicted standing over human skulls.
Death with a scythe.
Officer 1-
Japanese Admiral
bombers at work over peaceful cities of Europe,USA,USSR.
In the manner of camp, surrounded with the brick wall and wires. In the center of the camp there is a pipe of crematorium. These symbolize totalitarian regimes of the aggressors
Symbolize the great amount of victims in countries of the so-called Axis “Rome - Berlin - Tokyo”.Gravehills with concrete crosses and helmets on them-are of Germans.The two-of Italian and Japanese

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