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Santa Claus Project

  • The main idea of the project is to create a kind of a charity fund for helping children of the world who suffered from disasters during
    the year 200N and 200(N+1), probably, during the following years too.
    Owing to the fund, on Christmas, those children could get
    their Christmas gifts.
    Who delivers to children their gifts on Christmas? Sure, it is Santa Claus. But has Santa himself ever got any Christmas gifts? It is difficult to answer this question at once.
  • However, it is quiet possible to make a Christmas gift for Santa Claus in honor of the last Christmas of the twentieth century. But what to give?
    We propose to give him a chess-set, made by motives of fairy-tales. Saying frankly, there's no figure of Santa in it, but , however,
    it has lots of dwarves.The work, we are talking about was
    created by Helen Uralova in 1995 and is an original and
    even unique in its way author's work.
  • Enclosed to the chess-set there must be a memorial book and a CD.
    Also, an Internet-page has to be created.
  • The book, the CD and the Page have to contain a full list of
    names of all the sponsors of the project (see Project ). The
    list must be present there in two variants of compilation:
    by sums of money invested and by alphabet.
  • A separate paragraph must name funds, managers, organizers and executives of the project.Santa Claus may do whatever he
    wants to the gift. But, of course, the most proper way of
    using a chess-set is using it for playing chess.
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    At his free-time, Santa may play with:
  • His honored guests, for example, with children during the Christmas Holidays.
  • He might play a symbolic match with winners of prizes for
    Protection Childhood, Peacemaking, Nature
    Protection, winners of Nobel's prize, etc.
  • All the events mentioned above can be held during the
    annual Christmas Holidays.
  • Every participant of an event will be given his own CD.
  • The rest of the CD's on which singles by the most popular
    groups and singers can be added will be sold.
    The described project is able to be made real. Besides, it is able to unite people for a good work and cherish their names for the history.Thinking of realization of the project, we would like to get involved in it international funds, dealing with problems which are like our project (those can be the most various, on their activities, funds: children's, women's, peace funds, etc.).
    Firms and enterprises would be welcome to be participants of the project, too. The only condition: those firms are to have international authority and be not in property of businessmen from countries of the former Soviet Union for those businessmen are not always meeting the first demand and often have pretty low rating in the eyes of the World business.

Translated by ALEX.

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