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Such the chess-set "Unity of Purposes of the Christians." is created at the first time in the world. The idea of the composition is the idea of unification of peoples whose religion Christianity is, as an example for all the peoples of the world.This is not a chess-set for games, but a souvenir..At the present moment we are looking for any organisations (funds, firms), businessmen, etc., which would be able to give us help in fixing up a symbolic chess competition between the heads of the Ortho- dox and Catholic churches. It would not matter who won and who lost in that competition the general ultimate result would be profitable for all the people of the world. If the heads of the two great branches of Christianity met in Jerusalem or other neutral city and made couple or more of symbolic turns with pie- ces of the chess-composition ("Unity of Purposes of the Christians.") it would be not a game but a step, though a little one, towards the dialogue. However, meanwhile it is impossible because of recent contradictions.But there is one more variant.The chess-composition("Unity of Purposes of the Christians.")has to be situated on some neutral territory(the best of all are Jerusalem or Bethlehem for there come worshipers (their assistants ) from both churches. During the television broadcasting the Patriarch and the Pope make several moves and their assistants move the pieces of the chess-composition ("Unity of Purposes of the Christians.") in the pauses between the turns the Pope and the Patriarch can address to the watchers answer to their questions. The heads of the churches can situate in any geographical point of our planet. During the year 2000 they can return to the interrupted game in order to continue it. That return can become an additional reason for discussion. Probably, realization of namely this project will make priests of different churches find a basic for agreement between them.That would be interesting not only for believers for combined within the project will be the Great Christian religion, the ancient game, the art, the power of the word, and the achievements of mind - satellites, TV, etc. I realize that the task is far more than a hard one. But the first and the least step is already made - the chess-composition ("Unity of Purposes of the Christians.") is created. This theme was conceived for more than some 13 years.The most difficult step is to disseminate the information about the project among the great variety of people of the planet, including the heads of the churches. Probably someone will have ideas and know-how's concerning that. Please inform us about them. In case if you are interested in participating the present project, you may disseminate the information about it.

It is obvious that being born in the family of carpenter, from the very moment of His birth felt the scent of wood-shavings and wood-sawdust. He was the witness to Joseph created beauty of wood. Therefore, we think that our work is the closest to Jesus as a carpenter.

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Translated by ALEX.

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