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The Moving Mini-Museum of
Carved Wood by Elen Uralova.

The idea of creation of the museum was considered profitable and prospective from it's very birth. The "Mini-Museum" is just a little bit transformered portable tourist-table with a curtain and wheels. About two hundred pieces of wooden miniature can be placed on it simultaneously.


In 1997 at the Seaside Blud (Odessa) citizens and visitors of the city were presented with "Moving mini-museum by Elen Uralova. " The Unification" - such chess composition was seen by citizens and visitors of Odessa. The same year we exposed "Mini-museum" in Kiev during celebration of the of Independence Day. We were moving along Khreshatyk and on Andriivs' Slope. Besides the wooden miniatures, the chess - set dedicated to the 850th anniversary of Moscow's foundation for the first time was exhibited.

September, 1998. With assistance Ivano-Frankivsk's Department of Culture and Russian Cultural Society by him A. Pushkin "( Lviv) "The Moving Personal Exhibition Elen Uralova "was organized. The exhibition was devoted 1100th anniversary of Galith's (Halith). Galych is one of most ancient cities of Ukraine was organized ". Elena made a chess composition devoted to this date.

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During the celebration of Day of City in Lviv (1997) the Mini-Museum was being presented to Lvivs' citizens and guests.

In 1998 in celebration with Department of Education ( Odessa ), during the musical festival "Slavonic Market ( Fest ) " we kept " The Moving Personal Exhibition by Elen Uralova ". The works were also presented to the teachers and schoolboys of Odessa. Among the works included were chess-set dedicated to the 850th anniversary of Moscow's foundation and others.

" The Mini-museum of a wooden miniature Elen Uralovi " repeatedly decorated children holidays, evening for the participants of war, solemn anniversary meetings held by Russian Society by them (him,it). A. Pushkin (Lviv)..Moving along the street of different citys ( Odessa, Kiev, Lviv, Ivano-Francivsk, Galith) we have noticed that "Mini-museum" were seen by more people than if the exibition was situated in an exibition -hall for a month in each city . Neither we move by car, nor by bike but only on foot this is our secret.

During the celebration of Independence Day in Lviv (1998) we were presenting Elens' works in the street of the city.There was a chess-set , dedicated to the 400th anniversary of B.Khmelnitsky birth. We should notice that the first presentation of the set took place in Oleska Castle (near Lviv),at the celebration of Anniversary B. Khmelnitskiy (1995 ).

The efficiency of the Museum increases when it is demonstrated in schools, boarding houses ,orphanages, hospitals , etc.It is rather possible to move room a room to another one fastly.One may freely pass narrow passages (between beds or desks).The "Mini-museum" can by fastly installated ant put together again( less than hour) so in the course of a day it's is possible to visit several places, pretty distant each from another.

We offer you to take part in demonstrations of these works in order to "sow the reasonable, the kind, the eternal..."

Translated by ALEX.

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