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and KARAS.


After abolition of Zaporoshian Sitsh (Kossackd state) in 1775 ,provided by the or- der issued by Yekaterina (Catherine) the Great , certain amout of kossacks , primarily those who had no assets have fled away to Turkey .
The Turkish authorites provided accomondation of the refugee beyond the Dunai river . There were about 5000 such "emigrantes".
Beginning from 1783 pince Potyomkin (Katerines favorite) formed "The Army of Faithful Black Sea Kosacks", drafting also those from Turkish terfitory .
The nostalgie of the kossacks and their return to their motherland are described in an opera by S. Gulak-Aremovski (1813-1873) "A Zaporozhian Beyon
The wooden composition performs the main characters of the opera: Kossack Karas and his wife Odarka . Karas was out all night long and returns home drink as a fiddler . This scene shows the 'serious conversation' between him and Odarka.
Odarka : " Did you drink , did you add hefore going !"

Translated by ALEX.

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