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Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin:
1999 there is an anniversary year of Great Poet. In city Lviv.

" is possible to say: there would be neither Pushkin nor these talented poets who followed him.."..." Dostoyevsky F.M

Russian Cultural
Society by
him A. Pushkin
City Lviv.

"You would become Shakespeare if you were favoured byFortune."Adam Mietzkevitch.

"A monument I have erected to myself... "
A.S. Pushkin

Original monumentto Great Poet created in Lviv. 1999

Pushkin's events in Lviv,1999.

"You need talent yourself to understand Pushkin."Sergei Yesenin

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..."That's a monument to the teacher!" I.Turgenev

Pushkin's events in Odessa,1999.


"...Those, in Tvyerskoy boulevard,have got used to you very
used to you very much..." Vl.Majakovsky

..." Pushkin surprised me with the simplicity and the music of his verses.." M.Gorky.

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"... Pushkin comes to us from the very childhooda ,
but we come to him just after years of age.." A.Tvardovsky.

Pushkin internet


Russian Cultural Society by him A. Pushkin

The society was registered on September 24 1988.
Sergiy A. Sokurov was the first coordinator of the society.
The chairmen were:
A. Strogov since 1993;
V.Provosin since 1994.
Vladimir V. Kravchenko there is the chairman with 1998, (tel.# 63-62-63 ; 22-54-22).
The address: str. Korolenko 1a, sity Lviv, 290008 , Ukraine,
tel.# 75-81-32.

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Pushkin's events in Lviv,1999.

The 25th of April, 1999 Pushkin's Literature Competition among pupils of Western Ukraine.
The Competition was held in school #45 of Lviv.


Pushkin's events in Odessa,1999.

The 5th International Conference dedicated to A.Pushkin. It has begun in StPetersburg, continued in Odessa, in Georgia (CIS) and will finish in Moscow.
The programme of the Jubilee in Odessa (28th - 31th of May) celebrations was rich and colourful. We represented our chess composition called "Pushkin's Bail".The work was exposed as a part of the Moving Mini-Museum of Carved Wood by Elen Uralova. The entire exposition of the museum was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of birth of the great poet. The exibition also was made in the hall of Odessa Russian Theatre of Drama before the concert dedicated to the Anniversary; during the children's concert in Odessa's City Park; in the Hall of Literature of Odessa House of Scientists; at a meeting of The Odessits' World Club. The exhibition was demonstrated at the monument of Duke D'Richelle, in Seaside Blvd., in Deribasovskaya St., etc. According to the responses we have obtained, either Odessits, or guests of the city from different countries have not ever seen such a chess composition. Naturally it looks much better than on photograph.
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"Mini-Museum". 1999

On 25th of April the stand was exposed to attention of participants of the Pushkin's Jubilee Literature Competition.The "Mini-Museum quot; is just a little bit transformered portable tourist-table with a curtain and wheels. About two hundred pieces of wooden miniature can be placed on it simultaneously. The competition gathered pupils - lovers of Pushkin's poetry from different regions of Ukraine. The Competition was held in school #45 of Lviv. Among the great number of wooden compositions represented outstanding was the chess-set dedicated to the Anniversary. Also exhibited were carved chests, bas-relieves accomplishe after plots of the poet's woks.


Pushkin internet pages.1999

Please send names of the files containing information about Pushkin and his
masterpieces. We will mention them.

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Translated by ALEX.

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