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"A monument I have erected to myself..."
A.S. Pushkin
More than 150 years have already passed, as these lines were written. And there are a lot of monuments which have been erected by the poet's grateful descendants. An original monument to the great poet was created by Elen in her new artwork

Aleksandr Sergeyevich
"Pushkin's Bail"-

chess-200-th anniversary
of poet's birth.

Mrs. Elena Vyacheslavovna

On Thursday , 26-th of May (Julian calendar) 1799 Nadyezhda Osipovna Pushkina (born Hannibal) the wife of Sergei Lvovich Pushkin has given birth to a son. This has happened in Nyemetskaya street that joins Yelakhovaya street (the Moskau). The child has been named Aleksandr....⌠ "He has appeared to the world in the dark hour. Little leaflets of the capital's news agencies constantly informed of new sabotages of the ⌠perfidious Buonaparte" in the battlefields of Acre

and of victories of Earl Suvorov at the walls of Ferrara and Ravenna (4-24)" Pushkin wrote about his genealogy:
"..Родов дряхлеющих обломок
(И по несчастью не один)
Бояр старинных я потомок.."
"...черный дед мойГаннибал
Был куплен за Бутылку рома
И в руки шкиперу попал..."

Pushkin, who has been grown up according to the Russian traditions and has been gived the brilliant eduication, which was multiplied by his talent, has left the deep trace in the Russian literature. The poet was deeply touched with the social and political situation in Russia and this compassion towards his country reflected in his poetry. "..Что в свой жестокий век восславил я Свободу
И милость к падшим призывал

" The poet has made the high-society and the church angry with his free-minded poetry and the reaction of his enemies was immediate. " .Вы жадною толпой стоящие у трона
Свободы, Гения и Славы палачи!.."

The Whites.

King-young, vigorous Pushkin in the period of blossom of his talent
"... Where muse gentle to me secretly Smiled.. "В младенчестве моем она меня любила
И семиствольную цевницу мне вручила..."
⌠.Где музы нежные мне тайно улыбались,
Где рано в бурях отцвела
Моя потерянная младость,.."
Through all the times knights, poets and voyagers were inspired by women.
Queen - A young beautiful woman. She embodies the girls and women whom the poet used to fall in love with.■ ⌠Bakunina , Nataly Kotsubei, Maria Smith- an elegant and well-bread young women, Yeketerina Andreyevna Karamzina - the wife of the well-known Russian historian- a beautiful woman, an actress of a theatre which belonged to a landlord were the objects of Pushkin's love and affection in his young years, (4-137)" So many verses and poems were dedicated by the poet to women. "...One of the greatest love-anthems of the world's poetry"(4-33), dedicated to Anna Pavlovna Kern was born in the night on the July 19th, 1825.
As the genius of pure(clean) beauty..
"...Душе настало пробуждение :
И вот опять явилась ты,
как мимолетное видение,
Как гений чистой красоты.."
One of the directions in Pushkin's poetry is presented by his dramas. "Adam Mietzkevitch- the great Polish poet was impressed by Pushkin's ⌠Boris Godunov" has once written: ⌠You would become Shakespeare if you were favoured by Fortune."...(4-381)"
Officer- Pushkin's Boris Godunov.
"...I've reached the highest power..."
"...Достиг я высшей власти;
Шестой уж год я царствую спокойно.
Но счастья нет в моей душе..."
Little Alexandr adored to listen to his nurse who told him Russian folk tales. Later, many of the heroes of the tales were used by poet in his masterpieces.
Officer- Pushkin's Balda. An indusrious, sly, patient russian peasant-
"..Глядь- а Балда братца гладит,
Приговаривая "Братец мой любимый,
Устал бедняжка !отдохни, родимый"..."
Knights: young vigorous Pegasus
"...You wish to saddle the obstinate Pegasus..."
"...Ты хочешь оседлать упрямого Пегаса
За лаврами спешишь опасною стезей
И с строгой критикой вступаешь смело в
"..И право никогда искусный коновал
Излишней пылкости Пегаса не лишал.."
Rook- the barrel in which the queen and her son were closed and cast into the sea"...Not a word spoke the goldfich in answer,
It just swish ed its tail, and in silence.."
""..Ничего не сказала рыбка.
Лишь хвостом по воде плеснула..."
Rook- a composition- there are the" Goldfich " itself and the broken trough.
" the sea a barrel sails..."
" ...В синем небе звезды блещут,
В синем море волны хлещут;
Туча по небу идет,
Бочка по морю плывет...."
Pawns:fabulous warriors coming out of the sea....
"...В чешуе златой горя,
Все красавцы молодые,
Великаны удалые,
Все равны, как на подбор
Старый дядька Черномор
С ними из моря выходит....."

King - Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin in his last tragic years (1835-1837).He realises his greatness as a Citizen. "..Слух обо мне пройдет по всей Руси великой.."
He tries to protect himself and his family from the public persecutions and profanities being uttered by his enemies.
"...He rose against the high society.."
"..Восстал он против мнений света
Один как прежде..."
At one of the Bails in December, 1828 Pushkin has met Nataly Goncharova "My head went astray..." he wrote later(4-433).
" Не множеством картин старинных
Украсить я всегда желал свою обитель,..."
Queen - the prototype of that image was the wife of poet - Natalya Goncharova. It was a famous beauty of the high-society of St.Petersburg.
"...The God has sent you down to me, to me, oh, my Madonna..."
"...Исполнились мои желания.Творец
Тебя мне ниспослал, тебя, моя Мадонна,
Чистейшей прелести чистейший образец."

She has become the poet's wife and mother of his four children. .
⌠Pushkin used to call his kids according to their seniority: Mashka, Sashka , Grishka, Natashka (Marie,Alexander,Grigory,Nataly)." (3-143).

Pushkin wished to describe the age of the Peter the Great as completely as it was possible. The poet's ancestors were the witnesses and participants of those events.
"...С Петром мой пращур не поладил:
И был за то повешен им..." "
Officer - the prototype of the piece is Pushkin's grandfather - the young lieutenant of Preobrazhensky artillery regiment
" black uncle Gannibal..."
⌠...черный дед мой Ганнибал
Был куплен за Бутылку рома
И сходно купленный арап
Возрос усерден, неподкупен,
Царю наперсник, а не раб... "
In his last fatal year Pushkin accomplished "The Captain's Daughter"- the novel in which he has truly and picturesquely described Yemelyan Pugatshov(the leader of the folk rebellion in 1773-1775).
Officer - Yemelyan Pugatshov
.".. Here my Pugath with the first sight...
".. .Вот мой Пугач: при первом взгляде
Он виден - плут, казак прямой!..."
Knights: Pegasus saddled by the poet.
"... Horseman quiet Pegas..
"...Наездник смирного Пегаса ,
Носил я старого Парнаса
Из моды вышедший мундир:.."
Rook-the fabulous oak.
⌠ There is an oak at turquoise seaside.. .
"...У лукоморья дуб зеленый;
Златая Цепь на дубе том:
И днем и ночью кот ученый
Все ходит по цепи кругом;
Идет направо -песнь заводит
Налево- сказку говорит......"
Rook-the living giant head standing on the ground.
Deserts a watchman anonymous...
"...Пред ним живая голова.
Огромны очи сном объяты;
Храпит, качая шлем пернатый,
И перья в темной высоте,
Как тени ходят, развеваясь..."
Pawns: deuces discussing over the sum of the tribute they had to pay to Balda.Meanwhile some of them are playing cards, one is drinking beer and the last counts money.
".. There is nothing to do(make) draw have collected (tribute)rent..."
"....Делать нечего - черти собрали оброк
Да и на Балду взвалили мешок..."

The Board.
I the front - the bas-relief portray of A. Pushkin.

Under the bas-relief are carved:

  • Little Alexander Pushkin listening to his nurse Arina Rodionovna who is telling him a fairy-tale.
"⌠..Спой мне песню, как девица
За водой по утру шла..."
  • Fatally injured Pushkin laying on the snow.
"."С свинцом в груди
и жаждой мести,.."
  • Under the hooks there are lyras carved.
"...Что чувства добрые
я лирой пробуждал,..."
  • The hooks - two fairy-tale squirrels.
""...Белка там живет ручная,
Да затейница какая!... "
On the another side. There are:
  • Peter the Great.
    ".. В неколебимой вышине,
    Над возмущенною Невою
    Стоит с простертою рукою
    Кумир на бронзовом коне..."
  • The greedy Knight.
    "...Зажгу свечу пред каждым
    И все их отопру, и стану сам
    Средь них глядеть на блещущие груды..."
On the another side There are:
  • Meeting of Ruslan and the fairy-tale Giant's living
    "...Тропою темной
    Задумчив едет наш Руслан
    И видит : сквозь ночной туман
    Вдали чернеет холм огромный,
    И что то страшное храпит.." .
  • The Dhadon-tsar, The wiseman, The golden Rooster
    "...Вдруг раздался легкий звон,
    И в глазах у всей столицы
    Петушок спорхнул со спицы,.."

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February, 1999. 108 days has left till 26th of May (the old Julian calendar).
Family Uralov ,Lviv. .
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Literature used during the design of the set.

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Translated by ALEX.

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