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Beating Sounds and their Intercoupling with Drug-narcotic , Criminality and Terrorism .

Aut. Sergei Uralov.

The problem is necessary to decide as soon as possible.

Children and young people are defenseless before the offensive of civilization.

The Abstract. There is a trend in modern music to increase capacity levels of beat (drum) samples. This music is considered to enhance propensity for drugs and?
Probably, contribute for dissemination of criminal outlooks and even diseases among young people.
It is possible that certain criminal organizations hold statistical analyses of such music, investing into music groups whose products are able of the above mentioned.
Creation of a device and techniques of complex - system analysis of music pieces will allow:
1. To insure a reasonable choice for children and parents. It will not restrain the rights of composers but will give a choice for consumers.
2. To reduce base for drug consumption
3. The reduction of drug consumption will result in reduction of financial profits of criminal structures.
And, surely, the project for creation of such device should be included into general programs of struggle against criminality and terrorism.
The author has sufficient experience and knowledge for the decision, of the tasks presented.

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The Problem
is Necessary to
Decide as Soon
as Possible.

Many scientific problems obstacles which will arise during the solution of the problem described above, were successfully solved by the author during the long period of his labour activity within the Military Industrial Complex the former USSR.
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If You are tired from this scientific information, you may relax while through the immaculate collection by Mrs/Elen Uralova.

It is known , that any process is possible to be transmitted by means of discrete (counting ) of either equidistant or nonevenen sampling.

Herewith, there are superlow-frequency components present in the composition of the signal. The components can be
( elicited ) by special filters ( demodulators ) . Any musical product ,where rhythmic striking (beat) sounds are present, contains sampling of the superlowfrequencies produced by means of the (beat).The composition of the physic condition of the author (composer) at the moment of creation of the product(music ), on the composers life position and his/her nature.Thus modulated superlow frequencies obtain certain coloration,when influenced by a performer.

Filtration of the superlow-frequencies ( SLF ) can be performed by the hearing organs , bones of organs.Under certain conditions resonance phenomena are possible to take place within human organism.These phenomena can link condition of extasy (ecstasy). Frequent listening to the mushc which contahns afressive or/and oppressive SLF , if prouding organs with resonance frequencies can link inconvertible processes which are supposed to be harmful for an organism. Nowadays, music trends to constant increasing dynamic range of beating sounds. Thus the depth of the ILF-modulations insreases too.

Using non-standard acoustic equipment it is possible to create a databank on modern musical products.As soon as certain amount of such an information is obtained it can be processed by means of special spectral algorythms in order to determine general frequency spectrum (GFC) of each unit ( a musical product ). By experimental way the correlation between GFS of a unit and physic and physical conditions of listeners of different ages and social groups can be determined . During the experiment the correlations between the dynamic range of beating sounds sampling frequencies and physical conditions of listener are being detected. The evaluation of the GFS of units which are able to influence great number of listeners is being done. The influence provided by such music indoors and outdoors, for instance stadium or square , is being evaluated also. Changes of IFS in different spots of a room as well as new phenomena are possible. This research will allow to determine general spectral and spatial features of different musical works.

The results of the research are supposed to allow avoiding danger of appearance of physical and physic traumas among the audience of fans. Besides the problem of protection a human as a physiological subject of the nature is being solved .

The most actual and urgent topic of the author's research were infralow beating sounds and how they influence young, growing organisms (children, teenagers). It is quite probably, that some ethnic groups have no immunity against beating sounds (such immunity is owned by Africans, that they used using drums for many centuries).The immunity against sounds can be compared which immunity against alcohol with is absent in organisms northern peoples or, for instance, American Indians.

Partial solution of problems on drug-narcotic and aggression among young people ( which are known to be the ones for increasing the criminal level in any society ) is possible on the base of the results of thus accomplishment research.

Sincerely yours.You can contact:

Translated by ALEX.

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