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The Artistic Woodcarvings and Dring-Narcotic!!!

Obviously, it would be just to give wood the third place after the air and water, according to their significance for mankind's existence. Wood gives fire and coals maintain it. It also provides us with homes and food. Woods are also called the Planetís lungs..

It is noticed that artistic woodcarvings attracted in the highest degree young people who were under drug intoxication effect. They could spend a long time gazing at our works and gradually turning sober. Although there were lots of wooden works around - carved, turned, painted, and covered with thick lacquer layers - the Youngs, however, paid attention only to our exhibition.The works represented at the exhibition also had protecting coverage. But the layer was very delicate in order to let one feel texture of wood, author's style and manner of performance. A sudden conclusion came to me. Probably, artistic woodcarving along with other methods would assist treatment drug users.
Of course, wood is neither crystal, nor gold. But take a wooden work in your hands, close your eyes and you will feel it becomes warmer.
And,recalling Bible, pay your attention to the fact that the God gave Mary a carpenter as her husband. May be, He wanted Jesus to feel the scent of wood from the very childhood? Though God the Father had the richest choice: masons, jewelers, philosophers, priests, peasants, shepherds, hunters:

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Translated by ALEX.

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